A Tale Of David And Saul

David sat playing his harp
Saul, spear in hand long and sharp

Crazed man filled with hate
For him who tried to placate

He tried to pin him to the wall
But David fled the hall

Saul thought of a plan
To get rid of the man

“I’ll let the philistines kill him for me”
And David readily agree

Seeking to please the father
With the hope of marrying the daughter

So he set out
Without an iota of doubt

That the prize would be his
But Saul gave it a miss

He got to know
Michal had been shot with cupid’s arrow

This time he asked for a hundred
David brought back two hundred

Michal became his wife
But Saul still sought his life

David escaped from his house
With the help of his spouse

He had no choice but to flee
And he became a refugee

Saul hunted him like a beast
He even killed the priest

On and on it went
And Saul didn’t repent

Twice David lets Saul live
So easy was it for him to forgive

To avoid crossing Saul’s path
He escaped to Gath

Until Saul died in battle
His army killed like cattle

They died by the sword
As declared by the lord.