Believers Parish Celebrates 22nd Anniversary

The 22nd anniversary of RCCG Believers Parish was celebrated in grand style. The PICP LP 88, Pastor David Abodunrin announced the theme, “Divine Promotion – Promoted to Shine” (Gen 41:37-57). Activities began on the 18th September with Football and Aerobics. The Mighty Men, Good Women, Youths and Children were well reprsented as they competed against each other. The Good Women shone in the Football Match against the Dynamic Sisters by winning 3-0. There was a great retaliation and comeback from the Dynamic Brothers as they beat the Mighty Men 4-1.

Other program of activites included Film show, the 11 hours Prayer session and 3 Days Fasting and Prayers from 22nd-24th September where the church met at different times to pray in church and online and thank God for 22 years of Believers Parish.

Friday, 24th of September Believers Parish witnessed an intense praise, worship and word service tagged “Night Of Wonders”. Never before seen dance steps graced the auditorium as Believers Choir and guest choristers from Zone 5, Zone 6 and Believers Parish Extention Epe, led the church in praise sessions and a Powerful ministration by Pastor Samuel Osinloye.

Saturday 25th, featued Health Talk and Evangelism anchored by Doctor Onome, she spoke on the impotance of healthy living, vaccination and the need for frequent general checkups. Free medical supplies were given thereafter.

Sunday, 26th September was the grand finale. Well-wishers came from far and near to celebrate with RCCG Believers Parish members and to offer praises to God for the past 22 years.

Mummy Femi Abugo, the resident pastor shared the testimony of Believers parish of how God built this glorious church from a makeshift tent, the several babies that have been born, the marriages; and Believers Parish having birthed other parishes in Nigeria and countries like Turkey and South Africa.

There was a powerful message by Pastor Richard Adeboye, the Guest Minister, titled, “Promoted To Shine”. He explained that Promotion means to be privileged, opportuned and favored Ps 30:1 and knowing God is the highest level of promotion. God’s promotion makes other things gravitate towards a man.

We wish Believers Parish a happy 22nd anniversary. Long live Believers Parish!!!

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