Change Or Be Changed

The only constant in life is ‘change’. And there’s no change that comes without movement; movements from former to latter, movements from old to new are what guarantees uphill acceleration that leads to bliss, while movements from old to old are the ones that leads downhill unto gridlock. I’m sure you know what I mean by gridlock; it’s a state where there is impairment of movement, a type of traffic jam that gets men bottled up in one location. Hmmmnnn!

There’s so much crowd downhill, for gridlock cannot occur in a space unencumbered up the hill. Up the hill is a free space for those who dare to ascend, because ascending takes superior knowledge and guts to attain, the guts that is rare to find among the weak. The weak don’t change location, and at the most they’ll just only but descend, descending which leads directly into gridlock, and people in gridlock have no will of theirs, for they can only move when others must move.

The world is ruled by movers and not drummers. What do I imply here by drummers? Don’t get me wrong, not the drummers with talents that drum for funds, but those who play the drums of fantasies in their minds and live the lives of fun; for you can’t live for fun and expect funds to answer to you, even if it does it’s just for a time that fleets away. Fun lovers don’t crave for change; at the most the word ‘change’ only exists in their world of dream. They watch others change, while they keep dreaming for tomorrow which may not come to bliss.

World changers create opportunity, they don’t wait for one to come, and like in the words of Cathy Hopkins; “Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it”. ‘Swim out to your ship’, she said, because people that change are always in charge, for their lot always is to lead those who live the lives of ease; I know that easy life only lead the weak down the slop where there’s jam, jam that impairs their movement to forge ahead.

The children of Israel on their way to the land of Promise needed a change, but they didn’t know how to effect it until there was intervention from above. They dwelt too long at the mountainous district of Horeb, longer than the journey ahead required, until they heard the prompt of the spirit to change their address (Deuteronomy 1:6-8, a must read please). I pray for you today, that the change you have been desirous to make will occur to you with speed of light. Buckle up for a ride, for there are some glows of light atop the hill, the hill that is meant only for those who dare to try. My dear friend, I hope to see you soon at the top because down there is traffic jam, a jam that does not make the ride to be smooth.

Written by: Deacon Archibong Attang Williams