From Beer Parlour To Christian Catering

I remember that Sunday after church service; I was hiding in the youth office feeling as shy as a new bride could be.

My husband brought me hot MoinMoin.

“Ahn Ahn, where did you get this and on a Sunday for that matter?” I asked. I didn’t wait for him to explain because the aroma was so tempting. I unwrapped the leaf with trembling hands and took a bite.

“Iya Amina sells it.” He replied.

“Who is Iya Amina?” I asked with my mouth full.

That began my quest to know this woman who had caught my attention in seconds. Turned out she is a caterer. Every Sunday after that, I would visit the tuck shop myself and buy some. Sometimes, it was a tug of war to get any because people would have booked ahead for theirs.

I observed how people banter, laugh and make jokes.

“Iya Amina keep 7 for me o.”

“Only you 7. You want to finish everything?”

“Iya Amina I want to see fish and meat in this Moin Moin”

And so on.

One thing I admire about her is her ministerial approach to her business, coupled with her jovial attitude. I recall how she once tended to a lady at the tuck shop who said she wasn’t feeling well. She prayed with her and fed her. The lady left feeling better.

We had a chat with her recently and she didn’t disappoint as she treated us to her Signature Moin Moin and granulated cassava flakes aka Garri.


Tell us about yourself and your business, Ma

IA: My name is Mrs Mary Abana. I’m a caterer. I cook African and Intercontinental dishes like Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Amala and I also specialize in Moin Moin Elewe. Every Sunday, I take my Moin Moin to sell in different churches.

When did you start this business?

IA: I started the business about 14 years ago.

Wow, 14 years

IA: (Laughs) Yes

Kindly share your success story with us

IA: I give glory to God. I wasn’t doing this business before. I was running a beer parlour. When I joined RCCG Believers parish, I got born again and started “Believer’s class”. I was taught that once you are born again, old things have passed away, so one must be a new creature. I then decided to go for food business and God has been faithful.

How has Believers Parish impacted your business and personal life?

IA: When I stopped selling beer, everything went down. The Welfare department and Good Women Executives encouraged me with finance to start my food business. I also thank God for the Children department who taught my children. What they are today is because of Believers Parish.

What has been your greatest challenge so far in your business?

IA: The challenge I face is workers. That’s why you must know your business well. You know sometimes, a worker might just wake up and tell you he’s not feeling well and then not come to work. Before you know it, I put on my trousers and do it myself (laughs).

Let’s say you have a deadline to meet and your workers disappoint you, what would you do?

IA: I will pray to God to help me. The God that makes the unqualified to be qualified would intervene and all would go well.

You are the Good Women president in church and the Head of sanitation department. How do you handle these responsibilities along with your catering?

IA: My business doesn’t affect God’s work. Before I became the Good Women President, I was an Exco. The day I was chosen, I knelt and prayed that God should give me the grace to do His work and always be present and God answered my prayer. I enjoy serving God and He keeps blessing me.

What is your testimony about Believers Parish?

IA: The God of Believers Parish is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I am a living testimony. He never changes. If you know the God you are serving, He would always be there for you.

Thank you for your time Ma, we really appreciate it.

IA: You’re welcome.

Thanks for reading. Iya Amina’s contact is available on request if you need an excellent caterer for your event.

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