Ignorance & Idleness: The Two Dangerous I’s

As I meditate over Prov. 10:4, I noted again two major internal enemies (home trouble as Africans call it) in our lives namely Ignorance and Idleness.

These two grossly oppose Diligence – DOING the right things at the right time in the right way for excellent success. God blesses only diligent hands.

Notice, the key word here is doing not watching, not sleeping and that is exactly where these two age-old limiters perches.

Ignorance: I have long learnt that a man remain poor as his ignorance and rich as his knowledge. Knowledge and understanding are core elements of wisdom. So the less you know, the more likely you will do the wrong things or do the right things the wrong way. Ignorance is what brings grade D instead of A+. Simple, no excuses! May God help us all to passionately seek correct knowledge and understanding by reading, studying and meditating on things that are true (Phil 4:8). Amen

Idleness or slack hand as the Bible calls it, is sleeping or watching, doing nothing or partly watching while doing less. It then means that the less we watch, the more we do the right things, the right ways – diligent success.

Excellence is not magical. It is for those who have truly conquered ignorance and Idleness. Every hour of sleep or movie time you invest in doing your studies, business brings you closer and closer to excellence.

Can we deny ourselves more and more of movie streaming times and invest those minutes and hours in our businesses and studies? That is the wisdom tonic for today.

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Written by Pastor David Abodunrin