October Theme

Brethren, moving in a ride of Fire is a divine experience that can happen on earth. That is the level the Lord is taking you through this month.

The season when all roadblocks like river Jordan will be parted before you; all mockers will be shut up; all situations that has embarrassed you over the years will be terminated; and more importantly the Cloak of Power will be handed over to you and you shall operate in the realm of the Supernatural.

The Lord shall be the wall of Fire around you and yours (2Kings 6:17) and you shall be untouchable to the world and the evil powers. Beloved we decree over your life, ARISE! to SOARING IN THE CHARIOTS OF FIRE (2Kings 2:11-12), above all earthly challenges and evil forces in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

Pst. David and Pst. Mary Abodunrin.