Opportunities In Difficult Times

Opportunities abound in every difficulty, even in this period of global pandemic. Despite the lockdown, several businesses and skills have sprung up and are now high in demand and will continue to in future.

The question is how well prepared are we?

In Proverbs 20:29A, the Bible says, “The glory of young men is their strength”. More than ever, this is the time to be sensitive to opportunities around us especially young people whose strenght and skills are needed to change the world for the better.

In this interview, Believers Media Team featured one of our vibrant youths in RCCG Believers Parish Ajah, who took advantage of a great opportunity and with determination, he’s making positive impact today.

Happy reading! And it is our prayer that you receive divine help to soar this month.


Let’s meet you, Who really is Bro Miracle?

Miracle: My name is Meliga Iko-Ojo Miracle.
I am a Cinematographer, A Producer, A Director, An Editor, A Story Teller and I also act once in a while, to mention a few. I was born and brought up at Udenebiomi in Dekina local government area of Kogi state.
I finished my first school leaving certificate in 2004, proceeded to secondary School and finished my SSCE in the year 2010.

Thereafter, I attended M-Tech computer training school in Lokoja in 2011. In 2012, I moved to Lagos and since then I’ve attended several training sessions especially in media. Presently, I’m running a National Diploma programme at Royal Arts Academy here in Lagos.

Bro Miracle at Royal Arts Acasemy

Can you  tell us what motivated you to take cinematography as a profession?

Miracle: I appreciate art and I love pictures and videos. I grew up to develop more interest in camera angles and framing of pictures.
Back then in 2010, I made an attempt to do a photography training in Lokoja but that didn’t work until I came to Lagos where I started work with a company called Cappa And D’ Alberto for about 2 years.
Few of us were dropped due to contract termination between our company and the employer which led to so many things I can not say now.

Long story short, there were openings to train some people and especially the youths in RCCG Believers Parish and I was fortunate to be one of them. I choose photography because of the love I have for it. That was just it.

Tell us about the training and what brought you to RCCG Believers Parish

Miracle: My cousin and I were going to another parish along Thomas estate when I came to Lagos. On this particular Sunday we dressed up and went to church as usual, on getting there we realized nobody was there and everywhere was locked, so we went back and on our way coming I asked if we can go to another place of worship and she told me there was another parish close to us which happened to be Believers Parish. We joined the service and I was welcomed as first timer, that was January 2013. Thus I joined or came to be a member in RCCG Believers Parish.

I actually went for several trainings and one of them was RISE and RISE 12 in year 2016. I wasn’t sure of what to learn when I was going, but when I got there I choose Video Editing over driving after weighing the two options. I actually thank God for the Divine leading, it would have been a great mistake to chose driving over video editing. The breakthrough of my career actually came after RISE Training.
We were four that went for the training and we all went for different skills, when we came back, we were given the privilege to showcase what we learnt. I displayed my project and that was it. Pastor David Abodunrin was happy with what some of us had done under two weeks and he said they need to empower us. In the process, I was given a loan which I used in purchasing my first camera and to the glory of God, I paid back within the agreed time. I’m using this medium to say a very big thank God on behalf of Pastor David Abodunrin, DCN. Lanre Olabisi, DCN. Achibong William, Mr. Seyifunmi Omosele, Mr. Frank Omosele just to mention a few. Thank you all for your support and encouragement and God bless you and yours in Jesus mighty name.

I was also privileged to go for a training at Mount Zion Institute Of Christian Drama in the year 2017.

Some people have participated in such programs but have nothing to show for it. What do you think you did differently at the training that brings success to you?

Miracle: I have not even started yet. I simply do the following:
1. Determination in pursuit.
2. Persistence.
3. Godly counsels.
4. Humility to learn from anybody either above or beneath me.
5. Foreseeing what the future holds.
6. The will of God through divine instructions and directions.

Being a youth Exco, what are you doing to develop other youths like you in Believers Parish?

Miracle: I’m available for those that are really ready to be trained.

It is said that no good thing comes easy. What are the challenges you have faced so far in your career and how do you tackle them?

Miracle: Everyone faces one challenge or the other at some point and the reason why some fail and some succeed is just one thing -EXCUSES.

The excuses are always accurate; what they are actually complaining about is there and it’s true.
It takes determination to go past it. There is a scripture that says some people will not plant a seed because it is cold and they will beg during the harvest but shall not be given. So it’s just being determined.
Money is another challenge but one thing I personally believe is that there is a fullness of time for everything especially when you have done everything humanly possible. This has always been my experience and testimony.

I saw one of your movies “Extraordinary Manifestation”. What’s the motivation behind that? What inspires you to make movies?

Miracle: People find it hard to believe what God can do and that a movie as short as it seems to be, will perform Miracles, Signs and Wonders in the life of those that believe. The Bible says, “Blessed is he that believes for there shall be a performance”.

It was a theme of a particular anniversary in Believers Parish and I was wondering what could go with the theme.
We were in rehearsal that day and I asked if anyone had a story that can work with the theme and after several suggestions, I came up with that particular story.

Bro Miracle On Set

Who do you look up to as a role model in the Film Industry?

Miracle: I love people’s work and appreciate them and at the same time. I do learn something from their work if necessary but I don’t want to be like anybody because I can not be like anybody. If you try to be like someone you end up being a photocopy and I chose to be an Original.
Do I have a mentor, yes.

Why were you named Miracle?

Miracle: The name Miracle was not given to me by anyone but myself and that name came in such a way that I can not give you a direct answer but the bottom line is, it was divinely arranged. From that time, everything happens to me Divinely and that was how “Miracle Divine” came to existence.

What stage can you say you are now in your career and where do you see yourself in the next 5-10yrs?

Miracle: We have 4 stages in life and I will apply that to my career to answer your question:
1. There is a waiting period for everything in life and by the grace of God I have passed that stage.
2. There is a process of time which is where I am now.
3. We have the appointed time.
4. And finally we have the fullness of time.
If my life is what it is today in the process of time, then you can tell what it can and should be in when the appointed time and when fullness of time comes. One thing I know for sure is that my future is very very bright and I must get there. Thank you.

Tell us about Believers Image Drama Ministry?

Miracle: About Believers image.Hmm, I can’t really say much about it because I joined them recently.
My take on Believers image is that, like every other drama ministry, it is a tool and a very strong tool for evangelism. I find myself relating with them because of my choice of career (Cinematography). I used to record every of their ministration back then and at a point I was invited to their rehearsal. Few of them tried to convince me to join them and after several attempt I joined; not necessarily because I can act but they told me, they need my service in the ministry and I on the other hand wanted to improve knowing fully that constant practice goes along way in my career. Thus I joined the Believers image.

What’s your advice for fellow youths in these times (covid 19 times)?

Miracle: My little advice for any youth especially in time like this is to

  1. Stay safe
    2. Add value to yourself. Learn how to do new things you haven’t done before.
    3. Add value to other people’s lives and by that I mean, teach people what you yourself can do.
    4. Develop a quality relationship with your family and friends and especially your maker.

Thank you so much for your time.