Our Little Stone Is Hitting Goliath’s Head

In a world where so many immoralities and vices are being portrayed in the media, Christians have a huge role to play in ensuring the gospel of Jesus prevails.

This week, we have the privilege of featuring Mr Seun Adejumobi, the founder of Fruit Bearers’ Film, an Evangelical Film Ministry.

We discussed the Christian film ministry in Nigeria, the challenges, successes and a whole lot more.

Sit back, relax and be blessed.

Tell us about yourself and what you do.

Bro Seun: My name is Adejumobi Oluwaseun; a certified and proud kingdom ambassador. By the grace of God, I am a Drama Minister, an Evangelical Film Maker and also the  Drama Coordinator of RCCG Lagos Province 6 Youth.
Also, I write scripts, direct stage drama and films and manage productions by God’s grace.

Thank you Sir. How/ when did you start drama ministration?

Bro Seun: (Smiles)
I started acting stage plays in church with little understanding of the ministry at the age of 9.

I was doing drama based on mere passions and really did not see it as a ministry until many years later that the Lord gave me an understanding.

That was around 2009/2010 while still in school, God made it clear to me that I won’t be a Marine Engineer, because I was studying Marine Engineering then, but a Drama Minister.

You said you were doing drama based on mere passion at age 9. Did you get support from your parents/ guardians?

Bro Seun: Yes actually, at that time my Dad was also into drama.
In fact I followed my Dad to a drama rehearsal when I was given a first time role in stage play.

Please what is your definition of passion?

Bro Seun: Passion to me is any act that impress or excites your emotions.
Self Motivates.
Self Drives.
It necessarily might not be connected to God. You Just enjoy it and that is why you can be passionate about acting and yet not be called to be a Drama Minister.

Passion can be limited to what brings you joy alone.

But ministry is an assignment from God.
When your Passion aligns with the assignment and demand of God upon your life, then it becomes a Ministry.

When God led you to become a drama minister, how did people (friends and family) react, were they supportive?

Bro Seun: Well to some it appeared strange and unreasonable.
Some even felt I wasn’t serious and probably lazy and I don’t want to work.

But later, many people realised that the ministry is not for lazy people. At different times, assignment will be coming from God.
When they see what God is doing by His Grace in my life now, they are able to embrace the vision.

For some of us who are not into drama ministration, What is it like on a movie set?

Well, being onset of a movie is simply playing another character different from who you are and the same time having the consciousness of your identity in Christ.
So you know that, you might be acting a drama, but Your Life is first all secured in Christ.

Are you saying someone who is not really secured in Christ should not be a drama minister?

Bro Seun: Ha! Yes. It is dangerous.

What can you say about a drama minister who acts any given role perfectly “as a child of God” but in reality, lives a life far opposite what he/she preaches?

Bro Seun: May we not make a wasteful investment.

It is actually a waste of effort, a waste of God’s resources and gift upon your life when you minister his mind and still engage in sin.That is living a double standard life.

So, as we work for God, we must also walk with Him.

Tell us about a day you can never forget

Bro Seun: Every experience both on stage and in film comes with various memories.

I remember a stage play ministration we had sometimes ago, after the ministration, I raised the altar call and lot of people responded. That day, the Holy Spirit began to reveal some secret sins and was actually addressing mine too, it was memorable for me, while I was ministering to others, I was being ministered to as well.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of stage ministration compared to that of screen?

Bro Seun: Well, in stage ministration, you have fresh contact with people, you can feel the impactions and get first hand feedback on how the people are getting blessed.

But at the same time you’re prone to be attacked more if not spiritually prepared and secured.
And that is why I said a Minister’s life must first of all be sanctified and hidden in Jesus.

Thank you. Tell us about the Christian movie industry in Nigeria

Bro Seun: Okay. Please let me say this, an industry to me is an activity or process of producing goods or services for sales.

Hence, you cannot say a “Christian Movie Industry”. Well it is possible that a Christian can produce movies, solely with the intention of making money and blessing lives at the same time.
But I will rather say Christian Movie Ministry, because for me, I am not in the Industry but in the ministry.
And so in ministry, whether you make money or not, become famous or not, you must press on.

All that is important is that God is glorified in what you do, so it is not about promoting or enriching you, but actually it is about making Heaven proud.

So, to properly answer your question, the Christian Movie Ministry in Nigeria today by God’s grace is already improving and becoming acceptable. The Lord is breathing His Life on the message and magnifying it in the heart of men.
We might not have millions of Naira to make a movie that will hit the Cinemas, but our little tiny stone is hitting Goliath’s head by the Help of God.

What encouragement and support have you gotten from your church to push you to where you are today?

Bro Seun: I will say that my Church has been quite extremely supportive in many ways.

Yet, I want to say that even if the support seems not to be enough, that is not enough reason to be discouraged. You’ll keep pressing, because God has not called you for the church alone, but for the World.
So you must keep reaching out even beyond the four walls of your church.
I am praying that Churches should  encourage talent by giving them opportunity or platform to express the gift of God upon their Lives.
Ultimately God is the one who has called me and not the Church, so the Support of the Church can be limited but then, that should never discourage God’s Minister.

That a church will trust you with their altar alone to minister to the Congregation is enough support. Many times, my church has given such privilege to bless lives through drama.

Thank you. Please tell us how you landed the lead role in “The Train”.

Bro Seun: Well, I don’t know how, I think it was simply Grace that qualified me, I wasn’t the most qualified, but by Grace I was given the role.

Have you ever been faced with a role you feel you’re not worthy enough to play and how did you go about it Sir?

Bro Seun: Oh yes! many times. All I just do is to confess my weaknesses to God, and submit what I also consider my strength to Him, so that He can prepare me, fill me by Himself and possess my Life completely.

Who is your role model in Christian Drama Ministry Sir and why do you choose him/her?

Bro Seun: Okay, so in Christian Drama Ministry I have a lot of role models.

We have Fathers that have been in Ministry long before I was born.

They’ve sacrificed their all for the sake of the Ministry, and still pressing on.

And so it is important for a young drama Minister like me to learn from their lives; their experience, success and failures, so that I can understand the journey and also be encouraged when God is saying, “Go and do this for me”.

I have role models like Evangelist Mike Bamiloye of Mount Zion, Evangelist Mike Agboola of Evom, Evangelist Kola David Okeowo of TRECOM and many others.

What does it take for one to be a good drama minister. For instance, I have no experience at all about acting but I really desire to work for God through drama. What is ur advice to me Sir?

Bro Seun: Well the interest could be a good sign that God may have an assignment for you in Drama Ministry. You necessarily don’t have to be a good actor, because the Ministry is not all about acting. There are other functions in the Ministry that can accommodate one like welfare, interceding in prayers, financial support, technical experts and so on. Yours is to identify what exactly God wants you to do.

It can even be acting and you just don’t know your ability until you are given a privilege to function.

So I will say such person should probably submit himself or herself to a functioning Drama Team, must be extremely willing to learn, be teachable and have that heart for Service.

Then you can attend trainings in relevant field, there are lots of Christian Drama School that can help open ones’ eyes.

We all know that devil has his eyes on christian drama therefore fights tooth and nail to crumble it, during your trial moments how do you handle it especially when it seems there’s no hope anywhere?

Bro Seun: When everything comes against you, God is ever faithful to hold you.

See every trial moment as a period when God is grooming and pruning you to become a great vessel in His Hand.

The One calls you is faithful to keep you.

Don’t ever disconnect from God
I dwell in the Hope and assurance of God promises for me…
The Vision He has given to me is bigger than all the attacks or the discouragement coming.

So I am always Intentional about not giving up.

Thank you Sir. One question, Can you really pound yam?

Bro Seun: Of course I can, not Just in Film, I pound yam for my parents too, Very well.

Just that I don’t like Pounded Yam

What’s your vision for Christian drama ministry in the near future?

Bro Seun: I strongly believe that Gospel Movies will become acceptable to many more people.

It will be the only option that the world will depend on in the media World to see the Mind of God….

The Media is filled with lies, deceptions, immorality and lots of ungodliness.

The World will come to a place where they will be tired of all the lies and just come to the Knowledge of God, and then Gospel Movies shall be the tool across the World.

Amen. Thank you so much for honouring us with this interview.
May God continually bless and enrich your ministry.

Bro Seun: Glory to God..
Thanks for the Privilege