RCCG Believers Parish Wins Football Competition

The grand finale of the maiden edition of Lagos Province 6 Young Adults and Youth Affairs Sport Festival, took place at RCCG Mega 3 Eputu on Saturday, Dec 7th 2019.

It was a competition which had all the Zones and 3 Mega Parishes of the Province in contention. The competition spanned for 6 weeks.

Believers football team (Mega Parish 2) won the football competition which was the main arm of the festival, with a 4 – 2 victory against Zone 3.

Medals were presented to the winners and runner ups and Believers Football Team were presented with the trophy.

Pastor Olaolu Omifare of RCCG Believers Parish congratulated the winning team during the church service on sunday and accepted the trophy on behalf of the church.

Congratulations to the winners.

The Champions (Believers Football Team)


Jubilation Time


Zone 3 Football Team (Runner Ups)


Award Presentation


From L-R Pastor Daniel, Pastor David Abodunrin Pastor Chukwuka and the Referee