The Savor Of Love

It was fun, laughter and joy in God’s presence at the couples’ get together which held on the 28th of July 2019 at RCCG Believers Parish.

The event tagged “The Savor Of Love” started some minutes after four. There was a short praise and worship session led by Sister Ruth. 

From L-R, Sister Ruth, Elder Ojo and Bro Solomon

The host, Pastor David Abodunrin led the opening prayers. He went on to explain the dream of the “Under 7” couples’ get together which is meant for Believers Parish couple, their friends and those in diaspora who are between 0-7 years in marriage to reflect on their respective marriages.

According to Pastor Abodunrin, marriage is a divine destiny God has planned. It is in marriage you have the ability to co-create.  He further stated that marriage counsellors believe that any marriage that doesn’t crack within the first 5 years tends to survive for the next 20 years.

Every couple was asked to introduce their families and the pet names they call each other. You heard names like treasure, MSB (My Super Boo), best, choice, honey, olori, baby etc. “Baby” seems to be a common pet name for many couples.

Talking about babies, there were nannies employed to take care of couples’ children, so there were minimal distractions.

Finger foods like small chops, biscuits and groundnuts kept the mouths busy and bellies warm.

A questionnaire was distributed which highlighted different issues in marriage like sex and romance, communication, forgiveness, finance etc. Everyone was told to assess these issues, make comments and indicate whether they wanted “more” or “less” or if they were “OK” with the way things are.

There were games like “Passing the basket” and dancing competition. The former entailed couples passing round a basket containing small pieces of papers numbered 1-20 while music was being played. Anyone who had the basket with her/him while the music was paused would pick a number corresponding to the issues highlighted in the questionnaire and speak about it.

Our elderly couple, Deacon Gerald and his wife spoke on “Personal Hygiene” which is very important in marriage. They said couples can help each other to be clean and you can even help each other do their manicure, pedicure and the likes.

The winning couples of the dance competition are- the Adelankes and the Onyinye Awunors judged by Pastor Chukwudi Ogba and Bro Muritala.

The couples were handsomely rewarded.

Deacon Gerald gave a toast to successful marriages as everyone raised their wine cups, after which couples held hands and made declarations over their marriages.

The closing prayer was said amidst good food, music and dancing.