Theme For July

Brethren, you are welcome to the month of our “Soaring: Living Beyond the Earthly” (Ephesians 2:6). The time the Lord wants to take us beyond the worries for ephemeral things to the possession of things of eternal value.
May He pass through your life today leaving testimonies of His power and grace. As you yield to Him, He will publicly honour you and position you for greater achievements in the remaining half of the year and beyond. Your progress will go beyond your ability for you shall receive divine speed to soar. The Lord will take you far above all roadblocks to success. He will raise helpers for you in times of needs and will never forsake you. We decree into your lives that you shall be decorated by the Lord Jesus Himself. You are moving from glory to glorious excellence in Jesus mighty name. Amen
Happy new month!
Pst & Pst Mrs David Abodunrin.