Theme For March

Happy new month Beloved, Happy and Blessed (BHB).

The LORD has heard your prayers and your supplications. He is giving you a divine attention this month. In 1 Kings 9:3-5, He said as you keep up INTEGRITY and UPRIGHTNESS, His eyes and heart will be on you perpetually to hear the smallest whisper of your heart desires and to preserve you a Shinning Star.

He will establish you stronger than ever. Your life will experience glorious testimonies of His power and grace. He will raise helpers for you in times of needs and will never forsake you in Jesus name. The Lord who set an invisible border around Israel in Goshen will be a shield and a defense for you, your family and your possessions. He shall make you invincible to the enemies and enrich you greatly in Jesus mighty name. Amen
Happy new month Beloved.
Pst and Pst Mrs Abodunrin.