“We didn’t lose God”.- Pastor E.A Adeboye

Words from Our Daddy, Pastor E.A Adeboye to the body of Christ.

+ God is Sovereign, He is the Almighty.

+ You don’t say No to the Lord, whatever He says or do, you say ‘Yes Lord’.

+ The true test of submission is not when you obey when it’s convenient, but when it is inconvenience . Whether it’s convenient or not, we say ‘Yes Lord’.

+ Death is not a function of Age.

+ We have lost a champion, but let’s consider him a seed that will reap a lot of harvest.

+ Let’s join our forces together and produce many champions like Damilare that will move round the world and shake the world for Jesus.

+ The church of God is marching on and the Gates of hell shall not prevail.

+ My children, I have good news for you; mighty things are about to begin.

+ The tougher the exam, the bigger the promotion. This exam was tough but we have passed.

+ Let’s move forward, Win more souls, plant more churches, let’s drive the devil crazy!

+ Our strength is not weak because greater is He that is in us.

+ Join me my beloved children, let’s march on.
Get ready for miracles you have never seen before in your life and in the body of Christ.

+ Like never before, I’m going to show greater interest in the youths and young Adults

God bless you.