Welcome To 2021

Dearly Beloved, you are welcome into 2021, the first year of a glorious though delicate decade. God has, however, declared us SHINNING STARS. Furthermore, God said: –

1. Amid chaos and perplexities as bright spots we shall arise the shinning stars in all aspects of life endeavours.
2. In us and through us shall be exceeding great exploits beyond measures -new inventions and discoveries of extremely large impact to the course life. Aspirations and achievement of great feats and huge value.
3. Multitude as the stars in the sky shall come from darkness into the brightness of the Morning Star.
4. We shall soar to heights beyond the Eagles and reign as stars in the firmament forever.
5. According to the main text (Dan.12:1-3), as wise children, 2021 shall be a year of intense Evangelism and Discipleship. Soul winning will be our main mission.

We therefore congratulate and celebrate you and charge you “Keep on soaring and shinning above and beyond in Jesus name. Amen”
Happy new year!!!

Pastor David & Pastor Mary Abodunrin