What Does Wonderful Mean In Your Language?

Let somebody shout Hallelujah!!!
The 68th RCCG Annual Convention is here again.

For the first time in history, the RCCG convention would be a virtual gathering of Christians all over the world, from the 3rd-9th of August. Meaning you can connect from anywhere you are on DOVE TV and other online platforms.

Photo via rccg_org

This year’s theme is “WONDERFUL”. Wonderful means “possessing outstanding quality or superior merit”. It also means “excellent”. Therefore, it is not an experience you want to miss.

As we count down to the d-day, we would like to learn the ways to say “Wonderful” in different languages.

Happy learning.

Afrikaans- Wonderlik

Hausa- Ban mamaki

Igbo- Ebube

Somali- Cajiib ah

Swahili- Ajabu

Yoruba- Iyanu

Zulu- Ezimangalisayo

French- Merveilleux

Dutch- Geweldig

Polish- Wspaniale

Spanish- Maravilloso

Russian- Zamechatel’no

Filipino- Kahanga-hanga

Latin- Mirum

Swedish- Underbar

Greek- Ekpliktikós

German- Wunderbar

Italian- Meravigilioso

Irish- Iontach

Igala- Awuwu

Norwegian- Herlig

Finnish- Ihana

Uzbek- Ajoyib

Welsh- Hyfryd

Urhobo- Igbunu

So, what does “Wonderful” mean in your language?